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100 Oakville Zoroastrian Scouts

Your local Scouting Troop

100 Oakville Zoroastrian Scouts has proudly provided more than 100  kids and has taught them a very valuable life skill that can be used in the future.100 Oakville Zoroastrian Scouts is a Zoroastrian only scouting group, that provides you with life skills and camps to enjoy. Ages 4-18 are welcome to join. 

The Contact Button is a pdf of Scouter Khushroo Bhadra's email  ( The main organizer of 100 Oakville Zoroastrian Scouts)

100 Oakville Zoroastrian Scouts

100 Oakville Scouts is a Scouting program every other Sunday

Why you should make your child join Scouts

Scouts is an extracurricular activity that helps your child learn new survival skills . Your child can make new friends and learn new skills that can help them in the future. If your child's age is between 5-18 he/she can join the 100 Oakville Scouts troop

About Scouts

This Scout Troop is a Zoroastrian Only Troop which means if you aren't a Zoroastrian you are not allowed into the Troop. From the ages 5 to 18 if your child is enrolled, he/she will go through 4 different groups.  The four groups are Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturer. While your child is in Scouts, he/she will learn new skills on survival, how to survive if not much food is found, and target practice. Also, every other 1-3 months depending on what group you are in we will have an all-weekend camp which starts on Friday night and ends on Sunday morning. In a camp, your child will be fed, have a place to sleep, and will learn many valuable lessons in activities. 

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In scouts there are 4 ranks. Beavers,Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers (Your group goes by your age)






Cubs are the second group in our scout troop. At the Cubs scouting level, they do a badge twice a month. The Cubs have different groups called patrols and any group project that they are given they do with their patrols. If your child is within the age group of 7-10 then your child can join the Cubs! If your child is older than 10 your child can be a Scout.

The Beavers are the youngest of our scout's troop (100 Oakville) and the Cubs, Scouts, and Leaders take care of them. The Beavers groups ages 5-7. If your child is older then he/she can become a Cub!

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Ventures are the oldest group of the children in 100 Oakville. Ventures help the Beaver Scouters and they take charge when they play games, they also help the leaders at camps. Ventures age between 15-18.

Scouts are the second oldest group in the 100 Oakville Scouts Troop. In Scouts, many activities are done (for example the amazing race.Scouts go on 2-3 camps per year and a special camp only for Scouts is DIBC, it is a bunch of different Scout troops from different parts of Ontario. If your child is between the ages of 11 and 15 he/she can be a Scout.

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You can find us at

1187 Burnhamthorpe Rd E, Oakville ON  L6H 7B3

 Or Contact

4163128066(Scouter Khushroo Bharda) 

1187  Burnhamthorpe Rd E, Oakville, ON

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